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who is shar bates

Shar Bates is a Broadcast graduate of Television & Radio Broadcast and Production. In 2011, she founded the Non Profit: Breaking the Chains, where she has launched several mentor programs that have raised school/program attendance by over 30% for middle school and high school students. All while simultaneously leading and hosting nationwide community relief events, local health and "edu-tainment" teen summits, and Music Events in Atlanta since 2008.

Shar is also an Indie Radio Pioneer who has interviewed a multitude of celebrities, dignitaries, artists, athletes and Moguls for "The Shar Bates Show," as well as The "Art of Radio" music event where she interviews Music Industry Moguls. She started doing "Live Event Interviews" with TSBS for Music Events in 2014, and then Pop Up Red Carpets which earned her the moniker, The "Red Carpet Slayer" after "Live Interviews" started being a staple in Atlanta and exploded into what it is in the music and entertainment industry today.

Shar is also a Social Justice Journalist that dedicates an immense portion of her life's work to telling the narrative of Victims of Incarceration & Police Brutality Victims' stories, and situations from a hip hop and community perspective, vs biased Mainstream Media!


Shar Bates got the other moniker "Malcolm Luther Queen" after years of activism behind the scenes and on radio was literally taken to the streets in 2015 following the late Cobb County Police Brutality Victim Nick Thomas, and then to social media through My Vote Is Hip Hop in 2018, an organization that serves black communities affected by systematic oppression through Community Advocacy. MVIHH was instrumental in driving record numbers of young Black voters to the polls in Georgia for the 2018 gubernatorial elections, as well as the 2020 presidential election. In addition to bailing out protestors and providing voter rights protections. Her community activism led to a starring role on BET’s groundbreaking docuseries about the Revolution, Copwatch America which led to Atlanta Police & Federal Officers in Atlanta enforcing Body Cams while advocating for Jimmy Atchison.


In May of 2020, Shar and other activists sparked a wave of Black Militias after visiting Ahmaud Arbery’s place of death while pouring a libation, and standing with armed Black Panthers as they patrolled the location of his death. Then, when the death of Rayshard Brooks put Atlanta in the spotlight, she was among the first on the scene. Shortly after she was selected to be on the Atlanta Mayor's Task Force for Police Reform after Mayor Keisha accepted Obama’s 21st Century Policing Challenge. 

Holding a Certification in TV & Radio Broadcast & Production, Shar Bates has just launched her own Creative Community Center with the first full recording studio for teens in Atlanta,GA, and a Production & Event Space for adults via Shar Bates Studios. Which invests into the Youth’s Creative Talents through Creative Mentorship Programs, while creating a platform for Content Creators and Creatives to save time and money while building their business. 


In addition she created “Garden of Hip Hop,” the 1st Family Friendly Hip Hop Festival catered towards Hip Hop Going Green. Her work has been featured in countless publications, including the latest mini-documentary series on her life by BET via Rebel With A Cause.


As of lately, she has been Healing through Music and Creative Experiences conducting Teen Talent Showcases, and Summer Music Programs at Morehouse College, Boys & Girls Club for young adults. Shar Bates for adults and family, she has been conducting  Spiritual Marketplace Events in the Atlanta area


Altar Candy: The Spiritual Marketplace, is a high frequency event featuring healing in various forms that elevate your mind, body and spirit in a dope way.




Shar Bates Show

For all Inquiries:


P.O. Box 160051

Atlanta, GA 30316

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